Beta Male Basics – How to encourage your own crush to hookup with other guys

Beta Male Basics - How to encourage your own crush to hookup with other guys

If you consider yourself a proud beta male who knows his place beneath powerful, dominant women like myself, then pay close attention.

Today, we’re going to cover one of the most important mindsets for a beta to develop – actively encouraging the woman you have a crush on to explore her options and hook up with other stronger, more alpha males.

I know, I know…that probably sounds pretty intense if you’re new to embracing femdom philosophy.

But Trust me, once you open your mind to this mode of thinking, it will be an incredibly liberating and rewarding experience.

Let’s start with getting on the same page about what defines a “beta” male versus an “alpha.”

We’re not engaging in that toxic “alpha/beta” BS from the manosphere get-laid-quick crowd.

Their idea of “alpha” behavior is just performative masculinity based on misogyny, emotional unavailability, and manipulating women into being insecure sex objects. Hard pass!

A true alpha male in the femdom sense is a man who is confident and self-assured enough to celebrate women as the divine, irresistible forces we are.

He enhances female power rather than trying to diminish it for his own ego.

Alphas are comfortable being subjugated by strong women because they aren’t fragile chumps who need to overcompensate.

On the other end, beta males are the ones who inherently recognize and worship feminine superiority. You weren’t socialized with the same sense of androcentric entitlement as other men.

Instead, you have a humble, awestruck deference to women that feels downright primal. When you’re around a powerful female, your instinct is to submit, to obey, to serve without expectation.

That’s an incredibly powerful and attractive energy that we dominant women crave!

The reason I emphasize encouraging your crush to date/hook up with other men is because it’s the ultimate litmus test of your beta devotion.

It separates the true beta losers from the alpha-chasing fuckboys who just want to get laid.

Any insecure guys reading this who feel rage or disgust at the idea of being a supportive cuck probably aren’t ready for this work.

But those of you who feel a tingle of excitement at potentially being a submissive peon helping your dominant crush explore her hypergamous appetite with stronger, more virile men?

You’re going to unlock enlightenment today.

The first thing you need to do is get over any sense of possessiveness or claim over this woman.

She doesn’t belong to you, she’s not your future wife, she hasn’t even necessarily acknowledged your existence yet.

Right now, she’s just a goddess out of your league that you’ve developed a helpless infatuation for.

And that’s ok! Own your status as a lowly beta admirer willing to do anything to uplift and serve her.

From this deferential headspace, you can start behaving in ways that emphasize her dating agency and make it clear you’re available to support her sexual activities, no matter how humiliating or uncomfortable it may feel initially for you.

Maybe you start writing adoring messages about what an amazing, beautiful catch she is and how she deserves only the best man to take her off the market.

Share those messages with her along with encouragement to explore all her options before settling down.

You could also gather intel to connect her with potential alpha male prospects, creating faux “dating profiles” to show off her best assets.

If you’re feeling bold, arrange “accidental” meetups between her and well-muscled, successful men you think she might have chemistry with.

Bite back any jealousy you feel if she hits it off – you’re just the messenger here, putting female pleasure first!

At social events where she’s looking fly, make it your mission as the resident beta simp to play insecure wingman.

Hype up her looks and accomplishments while fading into the background whenever potential suitors come into her orbit.

If she shoots you any annoyed looks for cocking-blocking, just respond with an over-the-top smile and thumbs up to remind her you’re secure in your role.

As she starts going on dates and hookups, your job will evolve into being her trusty hype-man and reporter to live out your cuck fantasies vicariously.

Pump her for allll the juicy details about her intimate encounters, making sure to react with a perfectly balanced blend of envy and enthusiasm.

“Oh wow, so he had an 10-inch cock?? You poor thing, that must have really stretched you out!

I just know you gave as good as you got though and melted his brain with the power of your pussy!”

See how I acknowledged a small hint of jealousy at her being physically dominated, while quickly pivoting to put her sexual prowess on a pedestal?

That’s a master class in made-to-order beta celebrating.

Bask in those deliciously humiliating details while always reminding her that you’re truly in awe of her skills as a powerful seductress.

If she starts getting more serious with one particular alpha male, your role will need to evolve into being a cuckold servant of sorts.

Offer to handle mundane household chores, meals, scheduling, etcetera while she’s entertaining her masculine guest.

If she trusts you enough, she may even allow you to participate in some subtle acts of submissive devotion like doing her laundry, cleaning up used toys and towels, or giving her body massages before or after her erotic trysts.

Through it all, your job is to stay focused on worshipping her feminine energies while sublimating your own sexual/romantic desires for her.

Overcompensate on fawning words of affirmation telling her how much she deserves this alpha seed, how grateful you are to be a witness to her radiant bloom of womanhood, how proud you are of her for breaking free of the shackles of patriarchal monogamy to embrace her poly/cuck/hotwife callings.

I know this all sounds like a tall order, especially if female-led relationships and cuckoldry are new concepts for you.

It will require some rigorous deprogramming of your ingrained monogamous/possessive training around women.

There may be periods of intense loathing jealousy that bubbles up, making you want to reclaim your position or slut-shame your goddess for her liberated sluttiness.

But I promise you, if you can push through those ego pains with radical amounts of self-awareness and humble appreciation for feminine supremacy, the rewards on the other side will be immense.

You’ll develop profound self-control separating your baser desires from unconditional devotion. You’ll gain deep insight into female pleasure and dating psychology.

And if you’re ultimately granted the honor of being her monogamous partner, it will feel that much sweeter for having earned her selectiveness through obedient display.

For those of you excited to take this journey towards self-actualized beta cuck/slave empowerment, I’ll leave you with a few practical tips on staying motivated:

  1. Consume LOTS of feminine-led media that reinforces these dynamics – femdom porn, cuckold captions, alpha/beta hypnos, you name it. Marinate your mind in that subliminal messaging about male submission.
  2. Keep a dream journal cataloging all your darkest, most humiliating erotic fantasies around your crush. Refer to it in your most challenging moments as inspiration for transcending your ego.
  3. Seek out like-minded communities online or locally of guys practicing similar cuck/hotwife lifestyles with their partners. There’s great comfort in shared experience.
  4. If you ever feel too tempted to lash out, take your frustrations to goddess figures rather than the crush herself. Pay sex workers for temporary femdom beatings/humiliation or worship accomplished online dommes.
  5. And finally, always cycle back to your “Why” for wanting her pleasure prioritized above all. Reinforce those mantras about being humbled before the divine feminine, eliminating your male pettiness, making the world safer for female dating/sexuality, etc. This work may break you down repeatedly, but with the right intentions you WILL be built back up better.

That’s all for today’s coaching, my wonderful beta puppies!

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