How to Let Other Women and Men Around You Know That You Are a Beta Male

How to Let Other Women and Men Around You Know That You Are a Beta Male

Hey there! Raima here. As many of you know, I run this website all about promoting female-led relationships and lifestyles.

A topic I get a lot of questions about is how men who want to embrace their “beta” role can make that clear to potential partners and those around them.

Well, today I’m going to spill all the details on just that!

But first, let’s get on the same page about what I mean when I say “beta male.” I’m not talking about guys who are shy, insecure, or lack confidence.

Those traits can show up in both alphas and betas. What I mean by a beta male is a man who is comfortable embodying more traditionally feminine traits and tendencies.

He’s in touch with his nurturing side and doesn’t buy into that “real men don’t cry” nonsense. He’s in touch with his emotions and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable.

Most importantly, a beta male is someone who thrives when the woman in his life takes the lead. He doesn’t have that constant drive to be the boss and make all the decisions.

Instead, he’s happiest when his partner calls the shots and he can just go along for the ride, fully trusting in her abilities.

This lifestyle creates harmony by ensuring gender roles aren’t rigidly enforced – everyone gets to embrace their true nature, whether that’s more traditionally masculine or feminine.

Now, you might be thinking “Okay, but why would I want to advertise being a beta male? Doesn’t that go against most cultural ideals of manhood?” And sure, I get why you might feel that way at first.

Our society still largely pushes those outdated alpha male stereotypes about what an ideal man should be.

But hear me out! By signaling that you’re a proud beta, you’ll attract partners who are already on the same page about female-led dynamics.

You’ll weed out any potential partners who want a more conventionally masculine mate.

And trust me, once you find your way into female-led relationships and start experiencing how naturally it all flows, you’ll never want to go back!

Plus, there are way more women out there than you might think who crave taking the lead in a relationship. Some realize it from an early age, while others don’t discover their dominant tendencies until later in life.

Regardless, these women often lament how difficult it can be to find male partners who are truly enthusiastic about letting them take charge.

By making your beta status known, you’ll catch the eye of these femme-forward ladies who are actively looking for your energy.

Okay, so now that we’re all onboard with why you might want to signal being a proud beta male, let’s talk about how to actually do it! Here are some tried-and-true methods:

Your Personal Style

What you choose to wear and how you style yourself can provide some powerful clues about your beta inclinations.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to dress in overtly feminine looks (unless you want to!). It’s more about avoiding the hallmarks of alfa makes’ intimidating power dressing.

For example, instead of dark power suits or distressed jeans and boots, go for lighter colors, slim/skinny fits, and more approachable fabrics like knits or linens.

Avoid dressing in head-to-toe brights or bold patterns – stick to more muted, understated color palettes. You’ll give off a warm, welcoming, and pleasant vibe instead of an aggressive one.

Accessories can also work in subtle ways to showcase your betaness. Try a canvas tote instead of a leather briefcase or messenger bag.

Swap the blingy watch and silicon rubber athletic bracelets for slim bracelets in fabrics or woods. Even your glasses – maybe you opt for slimmer, rounded frames over a thick, angular style.

Small touches like long hair pulled back in a low bun (or grown out into locks), painted nails in neutral tones, and spritzed-on a scentcould further reinforce that you march to the beatof your own feminine-leaning drum.

Your Body Language

How you carry yourself and move through spaces also provides clues about your role embrace beta traits.

In most circumstances, aim for closed body language – this means keeping your arms unlocked instead of expanded outwards, avoiding exaggerated movements or stances that take up too much space, and being mindful of your volume and tone.

When approaching someone you’re interested in, don’t puff out your chest or try to look taller.

Keep your chin tucked, meet their gaze through slightly lowered lashes, and even consider approaching froman angle instead of head-on.

Essentially, you want to make yourself appear shorter and smaller to subconsciously convey deference.

If conversing with a woman who’s taken on the alpha role, you can emphasize your betaness by:

  • Nodding frequently to show you’re eagerly following her lead
  • Turning your body’s orientation towards her instead of angling away or squaring up
  • Avoiding talking over her or interrupting
  • Asking clarifying questions to keep her elaborate instead of batting solutions
  • Actively and warmly making space for her to step in and make decisions

During group settings, look for opportunities to hold back and create space for other voices instead of automatically assuming the spotlight.

You can vocally reinforce other’s points, ask others for their perspectives before offering your own, and be an active listener.

Express Your Sensitivities

In the same vein as being unafraid to embody feminine-coded traits, don’t be shy about expressing your sensitivity as a man.

Contrary to popular belief, being in touch with your emotions and being considerate of others’ needs are strengths, not weaknesses!

If you love beauty in all forms and aren’t afraid to admire a vibrant garden, breathtaking artwork, or well-crafted design piece, say so proudly.

When friends share struggles or triumphs, be an empathetic ear who can intuit their emotional experience. Feel free to shed tears during an emotional movie or play, and never apologize for being moved.

In your dating life, take things to the next level by:

  • Planning thoughtful dates focused on her interests and making her feel special
  • Sending flirty messages about non-physical things you admire about her
  • Recalling small personal details that show you’ve been listening closely
  • Making gifts or sketches tailored to her personality

In other words, be unashamed about flexing your sensitivity, emotional intelligence, and selfless romantic energy.

Most confident women will sure it as a sign that you’re the ideal partner to shower them with adoration and let them lead.

Vocalize It!

Sometimes, being overt is the most straightforward approach. If the setting feels appropriate, don’t be afraid to state your interest in female-led relationship dynamics right from the jump.

A simple, “I tend to really vibe best with a partner who likes to take the lead” can immediately signal where you’re at.

Online dating profiles are an ideal space to sprinkle in clarifiers about your betaness. You can say you’re looking for an powerhouse of a woman to join your vibe, note that you love when your partner calls the shots, or even straight-up ask her to”let me know if you’re an alpha who’d dig having a betamate.”

If already dating someone, feel free to have candid conversations about relationship roles.

Saying something like “You know, I think I crave that dynamic where I’m able to fully trust you being the decision-maker and leader” can be pretty dang powerful.

And if you’re already in a happy female-led coupling? Well, you can still continue reinforcing your place as the beta by checking in with your partner, thanking her for taking charge, and affirming how much you love her assertiveness and confidence.

At the end of the day, the world needs a lot more proud, enthusiastic betas to help balance out all the toxic alpha energy out there.

By owning your truth, you’ll find yourselves surrounded by likeminded people who get and appreciate your vibe.

And for all those ladies who have been longing for a guy who is invigorated rather than intimidated by their power? You’re about to make their dreams come true.

Wishing you all the best on your beta journey! Feel free to keep following along here for more relationship musings and insights from yours truly.

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