How to Make Your Husband Submissive and Follow Your Lead in FLR

How to Make Your Husband Submissive and Follow Your Lead in FLR

Today I want to talk about an important topic for any wife who desires to be the leader and head of her household – how to ensure your husband is submissive and follows your directives.

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking – “Isn’t that kind of controlling or unfair to the man?”

But hear me out, because I truly believe female-led relationships, when implemented properly with full consent from both partners, can be incredibly fulfilling and empowering for everyone involved.

At the core, this dynamic recognizes that women are just as capable as men of being the wise decision-makers and authorities in a marriage.

We ladies bring incredible strengths to the table – nurturing, intuition, keen emotional intelligence, unmatched multi-tasking abilities.

When marriages embrace female leadership, households tend to run more smoothly, with clearer communication and harmonious cooperation.

That said, making this role reversal work does require the husband’s full embrace of submission and willingness to follow his wife’s lead.

If he’s not 100% on board, it will lead to power struggles and resentment. So how can a wife go about fostering her husband’s submissive mindset?

I’m here to share some tips that have worked beautifully for myself and many others in female-led marriages.

Have an open and honest discussion upfront

Before anything else, you need to initiate a calm, vulnerable conversation with your husband about your desires and perspectives on female-led relationships.

Don’t issue demands or ultimatums, but explain how you feel this dynamic could be fulfilling for both of you. Assuage any of his fears or uncertainties.

Make it clear you have no intent to mistreat or disrespect him, but rather to take on the leadership responsibilities you believe you can handle better.

Get his honest thoughts – he may already be intrigued by submitting to a capable woman’s authority.

If he agrees, establish boundaries and rules

Once you’ve gained his consent, it’s crucial to establish the boundaries and his new rules to follow. What decisions will be yours to make?

How involved will he be in decision-making? What domains of household management will fall under your authority?

What constitutes a punishable offense or infraction? Be very clear in communicating these terms. I recommend writing them down almost like a contract you both voluntarily agree to.

Start small to build trust

Don’t go from 0 to 60 overnight. Gradually introduce your leadership and his obedience through relatively small decisions and requests at first.

Make sure he gets ample positive reinforcement when he follows directions.

This allows him to build trust that you have sound judgment and his submission is beneficial, not detrimental.

Think of it like training stages – you wouldn’t start a young dog off with the highest level obedience trials!

Be decisive and confident

Chances are, your husband was conditioned by society to be the dominant partner who calls the shots.

It may be difficult for him to resync into a submissive role if you seem tentative or uncertain yourself.

When making decisions and issuing instructions, be firm, self-assured, and consistent.

If he senses any waffling, he won’t take your authority seriously. Speak with clarity and body language that conveys you mean business.

Introduce structure and routines

Submissive individuals generally thrive with structure and routine that makes expectations clear.

As your husband’s authorities leader, implement household schedules, chores, and routines he must uphold.

Having set times for certain tasks, rules for curfews or adult play times, and formalized protocols helps remove ambiguity. You’re in charge of designing and enforcing these routines.

Don’t be afraid of discipline

Even the most well-meaning husband will likely slip up or miss the mark at times – no one is perfect!

But for submission to be real, there must be consequences when directives are disobeyed.

You’ll need to establish disciplinary measures and actually follow through on them. Perhaps restrictions on finances, privileges, play or social outings.

Maybe assigning unpleasant chores or lines to write out.

Spankings or other punishments, if you both agree. Discipline helps reinforce your authority.

Encourage deep submission mentally and sexually

The most powerful submission transcends just outward behavior – it becomes an internalized headspace and form of worshipping the female authority.

You can nurture this by having your husband verbally affirm his devotion and commitment to obey. Or incorporate female-authoritarian scenarios and commands into your sexual play.

The ultimate goal is for him to fully surrender his sense of male dominance and self-authority to you.

Give him ways to serve

Helping your husband channel his submissiveness into proactively serving you and the household can be very rewarding.

Assign him cleaning duties to uphold like doing laundry or cooking your meals. Have him tend to your self-care like giving you massages or baths.

Or give him opportunities to sexually serve through body worship, oral pleasuring, cuckolding scenarios if that’s your desire, and more.

He’ll feel honored and validated through his acts of service to you.

Don’t neglect aftercare and reassurance

Even as the authority figure, you must provide solid aftercare and reassurance especially after any intense discipline or humiliation scenes.

This preserves his self-worth and ensures he feels loved, even if his role is to submit.

Dole out praise when deserved. Remind him his submission makes you happy. Engage in cuddling and bonding.

A husband’s self-esteem can be fragile, so tend to his emotional needs even as you maintain control.

Seek community for support

Finally, understand you’re not alone in this journey! Nowadays, there are many online forums and communities of women practicing female-led relationship dynamics.

Use these spaces to crowdsource additional tips, get advice when you hit sticking points, and find solidarity with others walking the same path.

It’s incredibly reassuring to know other wives are out there enthusiastically enjoying this role.

So there you have it – my top suggestions for taking the reins and establishing your husband’s submissive role!

I know it can seem daunting initially to overturn tradition gender dynamics.

But from personal experience, once that mental hurdle is cleared, a female-led marriage can be one of the most empowering, harmonious partnerships imaginable.

Your husband will blossom under your wise guidance and thrive in his service to you. You’ll both reap the benefits of your decisive leadership steering your family’s course.

He’ll be able to let go of the burdens our male-centric society placed on him, secure in knowing his best partner has taken the wheel.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to start that open conversation about female authority with your husband.

I’m always happy to assist motivated wives in claiming their rightful place as head of the household.

Thank you so much for reading my perspective today. I know a lot of this subject matter can be sensitive or triggering for some, but please hear my heart –

I only wish to empower wives to be the capable leaders I believe we can be, while also giving husbands the gift of embracing the beauty of submission when it comes naturally to them.

Please consider supporting my work by buying me a coffee at Running a blog like this does take consistent time and effort, so every dollar from readers like you who find value in this content helps immensely!

I’d be forever grateful, and it would motivate me to keep producing high-quality, well-researched articles on these important female-led relationship topics.

Thanks again for being part of this movement!

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