How to Naturally Cry as a Beta Male

How Naturally Shed Tears as a Beta Male Often

In our society, there’s still a stigma surrounding men crying, with it often being seen as a sign of weakness.

However, I believe that embracing vulnerability and releasing pent-up emotions through tears is not only healthy but also a key aspect of a fulfilling femdom dynamic.

For the powerful Domme, having a beta male who can openly emote and cry reinforces her position of authority and care.

When her beta surrenders to his emotions in her presence, it’s the ultimate show of trust, submission and, letting his guard down.

There’s an incredible intimacy and bond that forms when a Domme bears witness to her beta’s rawness and fragility.

At the same time, shedding tears frequently allows the beta male to remain grounded, soft, and in touch with his inner feminine energy – qualities that are prized in a femdom relationship.

By tapping into his emotional wellspring, the beta aligns himself with his submissive role and core.

So how can a beta male learn to cry more naturally and often? I’ll explore some psychological, physical and situational techniques to help elicit those healing tears.

Unlearn Societal Conditioning

From a young age, boys are frequently told “boys don’t cry” or shamed for expressing intense emotions.

This breeds toxic masculinity programming that causes men to bottleneck vulnerable feelings.

As a beta male, you must consciously unlearn these unhealthy restraints society has placed on male emotionality.

Reflect on instances where you were ridiculed, punished or looked down upon for crying as a child.

Bring up those memories and allow yourself to feel the repressed hurt, confusion and shame.

Then practice re-parenting yourself with compassion, reassuring that inner child that it’s perfectly okay to cry.

This inner work helps dismantle the conditioned belief that your tears are unacceptable.

Get In Touch With Your Feminine Side

Male societal conditioning also pushes the notion that masculinity means being logical, stoic and “tough.”

Of course, as a submissive beta embracing femdom, you’re already rejecting that limiting script.

But you can go further by actively nurturing your innate feminine qualities of gentleness, empathy and emotional fluidity.

Spend time every day connecting to your feminine energy through meditation, art, poetry, dancing, etc.

Soak up feminine media portrayals that normalize men displaying the full range of emotions, including tenderness and vulnerability.

Immerse yourself in the works of feminist and femdom authors.

The more you attune to your feminine side, the more easily tears will flow.


There’s nothing quite as powerfully moving for a beta male as weeping during an intense orgasm brought on by his Domme.

I call these emotive peaks “cry-gasms.”

Whether through edging, orgasm control or ruinous anguish, when a Domme keeps her sub in a sustained state of arousal and need, his emotional floodgates can burst open with each body-shaking release.

The post-orgasmic “sadness” tears are like an expunging of all the built-up sexual longing, neediness and devotional desire.

If you’re struggling to cry “on command,” ask your Domme to take you on a cry-gasm journey through orgasm denial and forced anguished ejaculations.

Those gut-wrenching sobs afterward will be inevitable.

Keep A Stuffed Companion

This one may sound cliché but having a sentimental stuffed animal to snuggle and cry into can be incredibly comforting for a beta.

There’s just something about cuddling a soft, plush “friend” that lets down your guard and brings up wistful emotions from childhood.

Pick out a special stuffie that “gets” you, one you feel you can truly confide in and release with.

It could be a teddy bear, plush puppy or whatever stuffed companion resonates with your inner little one.

When you need a good cry, grab your stuffed pal and let those tears soak into its fur as you recall warm feelings of comfort and security from your youth.

Channel Sorrowful Media

Crying often starts with feeling moved by someone else’s sadness or struggle. Tune into heart-wrenching movies, books, songs or stories that have a track record of making you misty-eyed.

Once those first few tears start trickling out, they tend to catalyze a greater emotional release and unburden feelings you’ve buried.

In the same way laughing is contagious, crying while witnessing the suffering or sorrow of fictional characters can call forth your own reserve of pent-up anguish.

It’s like the floodgates get cracked open empathetically before fully releasing your personal tide of tears.

Ultimately, crying should not be seen as a seldom occurrence for beta males but rather a frequent wellspring of cathartic emotion in harmony with the beta male lifestyle.

I hope these suggestions provide some inspiration for you to release, unburden and reconnect with your vulnerably masculine side through tears.

While opening yourself up this way may feel scary at first, know that your Domme deeply understands the spiritual renewal crying brings.

When she witnesses your tears flowing freely, it will only reinforce the sacred bond of trust and intimacy you’ve established.

So don’t be afraid to let those tear drops fall often, beta. Your Domme will be there to gently wipe them away.

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