How to Worship Women and Be a Beta Male

How to Worship Women and Be a Beta Male

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking – “Worshipping women? Isn’t that a little extreme?” But hear me out, because I really believe this lifestyle can be incredibly fulfilling for both men and women when entered into with full enthusiasm and consent.

At its core, worshipping a female partner is about placing her on a pedestal. It’s about recognizing her as a powerful, divine force to be adored, obeyed, and pleasured.

As the man or “beta male” in the relationship, your role is one of devoted service and submission to her authority.

This dynamic flip-flops the outdated, patriarchal norms that have dominated relationships for far too long. Instead of the man holding power over the woman, it’s the opposite – with the woman being firmly in charge and running the show however she pleases.

I can already hear some of you getting turned on by this idea! There’s a reason female-led relationships and worshipping women is becoming more and more popular.

It’s thrilling, intoxicating, and deeply erotic for both partners when you let go of your ego and male privilege.

For women, being worshipped allows you to tap into the goddess energy inside you. You get to be brazenly selfish, revel in being the center of intense desire and devotion, and have your partner willingly cater to your every whim. What woman wouldn’t love that kind of empowered dynamic?

For men, being a beta male and worshipping your female partner means unlocking new realms of sensual, soulful bliss. You get to shed the burden of toxic masculinity and finally just feel – feel desire, feel vulnerability, feel true connection with a powerful woman. It’s incredibly freeing.

Of course, like any alternative relationship dynamic, there has to be trust, boundaries, and open communication from both partners. Taking on that beta role doesn’t mean you get treated like a literal doormat or slave 24/7. You still deserve love, respect, and your own pleasure.

The goal is creating a safe, consensual power exchange where you worship her as an equal in your own special way – not dealing with any actual abuse or misogyny. If it ever starts feeling uncomfortable or skews too far into degrading territory, you’ll need to pause and re-evaluate.

With that said, let’s dig into some of my favorite ways to worship women as a beta male! I’ll break it down into sections for worship in the bedroom, through acts of service, and worshipful mindset shifts.

In The Bedroom

The bedroom is definitely where a lot of female worship tends to happen! After all, what better place to devote yourself to pleasuring your goddess? Here are some fun ideas:

Start by asking permission to worship her body. Don’t just dive in – that level of revering consent is hot!

Use your hands and mouth to slowly, sensually worship every inch of her form. Tell her how amazing each part looks, smells, and tastes.

Go down on her for as long as she wants, motivated purely by the desire to serve her immense pleasure.

If she allows it, give her a massage, scratching her back, playing with her hair, or anything else she might enjoy while you’re down there going to town.

Don’t neglect worshipping her beautiful feet and toes! Those can be powerful erogenous zones for some ladies.

Take any opportunities to be submissive or degraded if that’s what she’s into – being told you’re a pathetic little beta male, having to worship her stilettos, etc.

And of course, the grand finale is her using you for penetration however she wishes until she’s fully satisfied. Don’t finish until you’re allowed!

Acts of Service

Bedroom-based worship is fun, but you can absolutely worship women through service and doting on them 24/7. Try things like:

  • Greet her each day by kneeling and kissing her feet or body as she walks through the door.
  • Always walk behind her, open doors for her, pull out her chair, etc.
  • Cook her favorite meals, draw her baths, handle all the chores and housework to serve her.
  • Give her massages frequently, without expecting anything sexual in return. Just to relax her.
  • Buy her gifts regularly – including pretty underwear you hope to one day worship her in.
  • Offer to be her human furniture, letting her use your body as a footstool or armrest.
  • Compliment her beauty and power constantly through words of affirmation.

The key is making her feel like a queen who doesn’t have to lift a finger if she doesn’t want to. Revere her divinity through your willingness to joyfully cater to her every desire.

Worshipful Mindset

Whether in bed or just going about daily life, beta males need the right headspace to properly worship women. That means:

  • Reminding yourself constantly of your submissive role and lack of authority compared to her dominance.
  • Focusing completely on her pleasure and satisfaction as the top priority, regardless of yours.
  • Abandoning any sense of male entitlement or privilege, as a woman’s wish is your command.
  • Accepting her divine feminine energy as a force of nature to marvel at and honor, not control.
  • Feeling genuine gratitude for any attention or intimacy she bestows on you, cherishing it as a gift.
  • Surrendering your ego and embracing humility in hopes of earning her affection and favor.

Shifting into this uber-deferential, worshipful mindset is easier for some than others. It can take conscious effort. But with sincere practice, it allows you to become a devoted beta male conduit for feminine radiance.

Look, I know this whole worshipping women thing might seem kind of out there at first. Our society hasn’t exactly groomed men to gladly take on submissive roles.

But I truly believe the world would be a better place if more men got in touch with their beta side and treated women like the revered goddesses they are. That level of divine feminine energy unleashed could fundamentally reshape gender dynamics for the better.

So if any part of this female-led lifestyle speaks to you, even a little, I highly encourage you to explore it in a safe, consensual way with a partner you trust implicitly.

Start small with acts of service, work your way up to bedroom worship, and fully immerse yourself in that intoxicating wave of feminine power.

Interfere with your guy friends who worship their girlfriends or wives. It’s honestly one of the most beautiful, respectful things you can do as a man. Because at the end of the day…women ARE life. We come from the body of women. We owe them reverence, just for that alone.

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