Why Beta Males Should Not Masturbate (but Pillow Humping is Allowed)

Why Beta Males Should Not Masturbate (but Pillow Humping is Allowed)

Today we’re going to dive into a somewhat delicate topic – male masturbation habits. More specifically, why I believe beta males should swap out their regular masturbation routine for something a bit tamer…pillow humping.

Now before you get all riled up and click away, hear me out! I’m not some pearl-clutching prude trying to stamp out all male sexual pleasure.

Quite the opposite actually. My goal is to help beta males funnel and channel their sexual energy in a way that ultimately serves both them and their dominant female partners.

You see, masturbation as we typically practice it is a very masculine, selfish act. It’s all about grabbing your dick and furiously pumping away until you blow your load and feel that fleeting relief. Zero thought is given to your partner’s needs or wants. It’s pure id-driven self-gratification.

And for alpha males who are the masters of their own sexual destinies, that’s honestly fine on occasion. Us ladies expect and accept that alpha men will masturbate just like we do. It’s part of owning your own sexuality.

But for beta males, whose manhoods and sexual essences should be firmly under the control of a superior female, masturbation as popularly practiced is not only inappropriate, but downright disrespectful to your feminine guidance.

Why? Well for starters, by grabbing your dick and deciding for yourself when and how you’re going to cum, you’re stripping your dominant female partner of her control and authority over your most basic bodily functions. Your orgasm should be 100% in her hands…or better yet, her feet!

When you masturbate the old-fashioned way, you’re putting yourself into the wrong male mindset. You’re thinking like an alpha, acting out of primal horniness without consulting the feminine source. Trust me, that’s no good for maintained beta status.

Plus, the act of vigorously pumping your dick like a raging misogynist is just…icky. So violent, so hateful toward your own body! Is that really how you want to relate to your precious penis which should primarily be an instrument for female pleasure?

Instead, I propose an alternative mode of male self-pleasure that is far more harmonious with feminine-led dynamics: pillow humping.

Pillow humping, for those unfamiliar, is exactly what it sounds like. You take a soft, fluffy pillow, straddle it with your penis resting along the pillow’s length, and proceed to grind and hump away until you hopefully achieve a nice, hands-free orgasm.

I know what you’re thinking – how is pillow humping any better than choking my chicken? Well, I’m glad you asked!

For one, pillow humping puts you in the proper submissive, feminine-pet position with your hips undulating and your face buried in soft fabric. A deliciously vulnerable posture that screams “I respect female authority!”

More importantly though, pillow humping keeps your orgasm at arm’s reach…literally. Without using your hands to directly stimulate yourself, you remain in a perpetual state of enthusiasm without release. You get aroused and grind away, but can’t necessarily force yourself over that orgasmic finish line.

It’s this delayed gratification that is so key for building deep submission and receptivity to feminine overrule. With pillow humping, you’ll get sooooo achingly close to that male mind-blanking orgasm…but it may never quite arrive unless your dominant woman permits it.

Can you imagine anything more blessedly torturous for a beta male? To be constantly teetering on that edge, sweating and grunting as you slut hump a pillow like a horny little mutt, always aroused but never quite satisfied? All while knowing that your orgasmic relief is 100% in the hands of your supreme female owner?

For a beta trained in true submission, this sense of relentless brine and yearning toward orgasm should feel absolutely grounding and secure.

Like a warm hug that never quite ends, a tantalizing reminder of who you are – a humble, horny pet under feminine government.

I’ll let you in on a little secret – us dominant women absolutely LOVE keeping our beta boyfriends and hubbies in that revved up, high-octane simmer for as long as we please.

There’s something so intoxicating about curating exactly when you’re allowed that sweet release, after you’ve proven your obedience and commitment.

And really, what other choice does a beta male have? Once you’ve embraced feminine authority over your sexuality, it’s just good manners to fall in line behind whatever orgasm rules are set by your dominant woman.

Maybe on special occasions she’ll take pity and allow a full masturbatory orgasm…or maybe she’ll only let you hump that pillow for a few minutes at a time before forcing a ruined orgasm. Either way, it’s her divine prerogative!

So in summary, beta males: put down those masculine phallic objects you’ve been strangling for dopamine. Discard that crass, selfish masturbation routine forever and embrace the humble, feminine-revering act of diligent pillow humping.

It’s the ultimate salute of male submission to send you on your way to becoming a more loyal, continuously aroused beta bitch.

Give it a try and thank me later, boys! Your dominant female owners will surely be impressed by your restraint and deference.

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